Monday, April 7, 2008

Change of pace (and pics of my carriers)

I have changed things up a little around here. Now that spring has FINALLY sprung, I have been spending much less time on the computer. As a result, I am not IMing much, reading blogs much, and obviously not posting much either.

I have been outside enjoying walks, working in the yard and playing with the girls. I have also been sewing a lot. I am trying to get things up and running for my Etsy store. I haven't posted anything in there yet, but here are a few of my amature photos I have taken of the carriers I am selling. I have already sold a few just by word of mouth. I plan to be in a few arts and craft sales coming up in the next few weeks. I also plan to get Etsy running is taking longer than I anticipated.

I am guessing few are still checking in on my blog these days. I can't really blame you since there isn't anything to read. I will try to think of some good stuff to share, I promise. :)







nush said...

Hey ang, those are so stinking cute! They are different then the ones i was telling you about that i bought. The three i got were sling like. kind of hippie like:) Not sure if I'll ever get to use mine since our baby will be at least 8 months. Wish you the best of luck with selling your baby carriers.

PeWee said...

The carriers are gorgeous! I wish I needed one!

S said...

I love the carriers, the brown and pink is gorgeous!!

L L said...

Those carriers are adorable!!! I am so excited that you will have an etsy shop!

Emily said...

You've got SKILLS! :)

Kristy said...

First of all, what's an etzy shop? Second of all, do you make a carrier that is toddler appropriate? If you do, I will buy one because those infant ones look AWESOME!!!! Missing you!!


SJ said...

Those look great! Even though I miss talking to you online I can understand the appeal of being away from the computer for a while :)

Mindy said...

Those are so pretty! You do good work!