Monday, February 25, 2008

Bye bye

Bye bye cyber friends! I will see you in a week. I honestly am having small anxiety attacks about not having access to the internet for a week so wish me luck!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a sweetie!

The Designer and I don't get to spend as much time together as we would like these days. Between his work schedule and our beautiful children, alone time is very rare.

About a month ago he left a card for me to "find" after he had already gone to work. I opened and found a sweet note saying, "Thank you so much for being such a wonderful wife and mother. The impact you are making on our kiddos will last their lifetime. I know we don't get as much 1-on-1 time as we used to, but I'm still crazy about you. With love always, The Designer."

Inside the card were 2 tickets to a musical at the local play house. Last night was the night! We went to dinner with some friends and then to the musical "Grease." It was a fun, laid back night. I can't remember the last time we had a good night out, but last night was definitely worth the wait.

I hope it isn't that long before our next date night. :)

Really, I'm still here...

not sure there are many that read, so I am not sure I was "missed" anyway, but for the record...I AM BACK! :)

I was so sick for so long that now I have a pile of things to dig out from under. I am thankful, however, that I am finally feeling better. Both girls and the Designer are feeling better too, praise God!

The girls and I are leaving on Tuesday for Texas to visit my dad. I knew that we would have to cancel our trip if any of us were still sick because he is fairly medically fragile and I would hate to bring something down that would attack him. We are flying. Although I know it will all work out ok, I am still a little anxious about the logistics of traveling with a 3.5 handicapped child and a 6 month old infant. I will ask for help when necessary and all will be ok.

I am also a little anxious about my visit with my dad. We get along ok, but we definitely don't always see eye-to-eye and we have been known to argue because of it. I don't like that I will be "trapped" as I won't be renting a car. However, if it gets really bad, I will most definitely be renting a car and possibly a hotel so that the girls and I can escape. Honestly, I don't think it will get that bad, but that could just be wishful thinking?!?!?!

While at my dads I will not have internet access (unless I find a library) so I will be gone for a while. Miss me while I'm away, ok? :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

It is 3:12 AM

I am awake. That is NOT good!

So, we arrived home on Wednesday evening from our vacation. I was starting to feel a little "tension" in my chest, but figured it would soon subside after we were off flights, etc. Boy was I wrong...4.5 days later and I still feel yucky.

Lil Bug woke up on Thursday sounding just fine but said that she didn't feel well. I kept her home from preschool. By Thursday night she was sounding a little congested. She woke during the early morning hours (I think it was around 4:45) on Friday and couldn't sleep. This was her 2nd time of waking and Lil Princess had been awake 2 times already by then as well. I went into Bugs room to settle her and she asked me to hold her hand. The second I touched it I knew something was wrong. The Designer was up with Princess at the same time and heard all the commotion going on in Bugs room so he came to see what the fuss was all about. "Lil Bug is burning up!" I quickly take her temp and can't believe my reads 103.6. Poor little girl! She is having a hard time breathing as well. She displays a serious croupy cough.

I administered some tylenol and wrapped her up tight and took her outside because I know that cool, moist evening air is the best for croupy kids. That helped a little. I decide that it is time to take her to the ER. The Desigher had a meeting at 7:30 out of town, so I was planning to take Princess with me, but he said he would stay home (he NEVER misses a meeting!!!). It took me about 5 minutes to change my clothes, brush my teeth and start the car warming and by then Bugs temp had already dropped 1/2 degree. I was encouraged by this. As her temp dropped, her breathing regulated. We decided not to take her in to the ER afterall.

She didn't really return to sleep and but when she did doze for even a few minutes I tried to catch some zzzzz's. That didn't last long as Princess decided to join the party once again. So, I was VERY tired. I am thankful that I wasn't feeling well the night before and went to bed early so I had some sleep between the wake-up calls.

The morning goes fine and afternoon quickly arrives. I put Bug down for her nap and she only stayed down for about 40 minutes, which is short for her. When she awoke, she was retracting (breathing hard and up under her ribs) so I decide to call the dr to see if they can give her a breathing treatment (we had one once before). They finally returned my call and agreed that they should see her. The Designer comes home from work early and I take Bug in. The dr. suspects that she has the nasty influenza bug and swabs her nose. He was right! He prescribed Tamiflu for her and he wrote me a prescription too. He said "this is for WHEN you need it, (not IF you need it) over the weekend."

I filled Bugs prescription right away and she is already on the mend. Me on the other hand....well, not so much. I couldn't tell if I really had the influenza because I was so busy taking care of other sickies in the house, I didn't have time to evaluate myself. I knew that I had a cold, but I didn't even take my temp or anything else. As of yesterday it was VERY clear that I also have it, but the Tamiflu must be taken with the first 48 hours for it to be effective and at $122 for a 10 day supply, I didn't want to waste my money because I probably have had it for more than 48 hours already. So, I suffer through.

It is currently 3 something in the morning (or is that still night?) and I can't breathe so I am sitting up for some very minor relief and what else am I going to do but blog, of course. I have to teach tonight. I hope I am feeling better by then! I missed class last week because of our Florida trip, so I cannot miss again. I would be in BIG trouble and the students would be way far behind.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The vacation scoop

Some background info to start...everyone in our house had the flu in the week leading up to our vacation. Lil Princess had it 3 different times. It was the 24 hour bug, not the REAL influenza, fortunately, but yucky just the same.

The Designer had been working 65-70 hour weeks for about 4 weeks leading up to the vacation preparing for a huge presentation. He is the lead design architect at his firm and he has to do all the presentations to the clients as he is the only one that knows what is going on in his head. The day before we left (Wed) he had a meeting to present his work to the board. He woke up with the flu that morning. Fortunately the weather was so bad that the school district he was presenting to (he designs schools) was closed, therefore no meeting...or so he thought. He received a call from someone saying that since we were going on vacation, he HAD to present that day or the project would get behind. He drove an hour there, presented and had to excuse himself several times to run to the bathroom to be sick and then return. He came home and slept the rest of the day.

I packed everything for everyone and basically dragged him out of bed in the morning to shower and we boarded our plane. We traveled with his SIL, her son (he is 7 months old) and his parents. When we got to FL we met up with some other family as well. The place we stayed in had 6 bedrooms and a loft, so there was plenty of room to spread out. One of the people that stayed there is The Designers dads uncle....uncle Don. He is a feisty old man. He was picking on me and my SIL a lot. I am not one to be spoken down to, so I had to basically tell him to knock it off or he would see a pissed off version of me. His wife finally got on him and he backed down a little.

The Designer, Lil Bug, Lil Princess and I all felt pretty good on Friday (the first full day we were there) but it was cloudy and rainy that day, so we didn't do a whole lot. We did go to the beach in the morning and looked for shells, but the rest of the day we stayed inside primarily. My SIL came down with the flu (the real influenza, achy body, fever, vomiting, cold, etc) and was sick pretty much the rest of the trip. That meant that my MIL and FIL had to take care of her son for her. I am pretty sure she wasn't as ill as she played for the entire trip and after the first day or two she was just taking advantage of having live-in babysitters.

The next day The Designer came down with the influenza as did Lil Princess. They were pretty much out of the rest of the vacation. Lil Bug and I felt good for all of the vacation until the day we were to return home...we both started getting yucky feeling.

Since SIL was sick she didn't really want the rest of us to do anything because she didn't want to miss out on it. I can understand, but that is ridiculous! She couldn't seriously expect us to not do anything just because she was ill. One morning I woke up and proclaimed that Bug and I were going to Busch Gardens and did anyone want to go with us. If not, we were planning to go alone. The Designer and his dad both wanted to go. Lil Princess wasn't feeling well enough, so she stayed home with MIL and SIL. It was sad that she wasn't there, but we did have a nice time. The Designer wasn't feeling well most of the day, but he is glad he decided to go anyways.

My MIL has some "issues" that the family has been dealing with since just before Lil Bug was born. That is about when she had a breakdown. She is doing much better, but still has some issues. Well, she had a lot of stress on this vacation and was not doing well, annoying everyone there and making people mad. I took a long walk one morning on the beach and FIL came with me. He told me his frustrations with his wife (MIL) and that he wasn't sure he could take much more and was strongly considering ending the marriage.

Later in the week, after some ridiculous moments from MIL he told me he was done and would be telling her when we all returned home.

I am sad. I spoke with MIL and told her that I noticed some tension between the two of them and that I think she should get back into counseling and fight for her marriage. As of last night, she and FIL are working on things. They have been married for over 20 years and I hope they can work through this too, but honestly, I couldn't be married to someone like her EVER.

For some reason both MIL and FIL trust me with all their thoughts and so I was getting fed info from both sides and couldn't really say anything to the other. I just listened. It was stressful to be in the middle and took away a lot of the enjoyment of this "relaxing" vacation. Add to that a baby with a fever of 102 and a sick, sick hubby and I was ready to be home!

So, that is my vacation in a nutshell.

Last night/early this morning Lil Bug was running a fever of 103.6 and couldn't breathe so that was stressful. Lil Princess was awake 3 or 4 times so I didn't get much sleep. I'm tired.

I NEED A VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of all of that I had some great times and made some amazing memories. I am glad we went, but I was never so happy to be home from a vacation in my life.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm baaaaaack!

Wow! What a week. There is so much to talk about, but I am exhausted so I will update in a day or two.

For now, I will share a couple of pics from our trip. Enjoy!




Lil Princess was NOT fond of the sand!


We spent a day at Busch Gardens. Lil Princess couldn't go because she was too sick, but Lil Bug, The Designer, his dad and myself went and we had a great time.

Bug was so cute with her flutterbye's on her face. :)


The day before we returned home Lil Bug and I decided to take an early stroll to the beach while everyone else was still asleep. We were picking up shells and we turned around and about 10 feet away was a beautiful dolphine. We watched it for a while and then it swam off down the beach. Not 2 minutes later another set of dolphines appeared and they too swam up the beach. The first one returned for an encore performance. The quiet time with Lil Bug, the sounds of the ocean and the beauty of the dolphine made this the highlight of our trip!!!



I have a couple of video clips that I will work on uploading and get posted in a day or two as well.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm off Florida! I'll see you when I get back.

Friday, February 1, 2008

apparenty I was just kidding

Read this and then hear me when I say apparently I was just kidding!!!

I was up most of the night with my very own flu bug. Lil Bug is still at her grandma's house , Princess and I are hanging out today while The Designer works.

I felt absolutely fine yesterday. In fact, I had dinner plans with a friend and then went scrapbooking afterwards. For dinner I opted for the spicy Japanese Pan Noodles from Noodles and Company. They were delicious going down, but definitely not a great last meal before the flu hits you!!!

My hope is that we are all past this yuckiness before we board the plane next week for our vacation to Florida.