Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are his hands still dirty?

We have a bedtime ritual around here. First I read 2 books to Lil Bug (and Princess too, if she will sit still to listen). One of the books must be Biblically based or about God. The other can be whatever Bug picks out. Often she picks out two Biblical stories. We sit on the couch and she drinks some juice or milk. Next we brush teeth and head to bed. We pray, ask for blessings on our loved ones and then I sing 2 songs and she is off to sleep.

Sunday night (Easter Sunday) was a bit different. It was the same until the prayer but Bug stopped me part way through the prayer and started bombarding me with questions about Jesus and God.

"Is Mary sad?"

"Why did Mary get to have Jesus in her belly?"

"Why did Jesus die?"

"Did you cry when Jesus died?"

"Are his hands still dirty?"

"Where does Jesus live?"

"Will you hold my hand when I die?"

"Can I take my big teddy bear with me to Heaven?"

"Will Jesus play with me when I see Him in Heaven?"

"Lets get ready for Heaven, Mommy!!!!"

I got to explain to her about Jesus' great sacrifice and what that means to us. I explained that when she is ready, she will be able to have Jesus live in her heart. I kept things fairly simple for now, she is only 3 for goodness sake.

This conversation made me happy. My oldest baby is quickly turning into such a smart little girl. She wants to know Jesus. She will have a boring testimony and I am ok with that! I can't wait for the day she proclaims Jesus as HER FATHER! What a celebration we will have! :)

Easter Pics

This is the first year Bug really got into coloring eggs. The previous years she would watch us do them, but this year SHE did them!


This is the first moment Bug saw a hidden egg as she came out of her bedroom.

She found the baskets!!!

Bug's basket. It didn't have a lot this year, but she did get a fishtank and 4 goldfish.

Princess exploring her basket.

I must say, I have two beautiful girls!

One happy momma and her two gorgeous girls.

Family photo. We don't get these very often, but I insisted on this one since we were all "cleaned up" :)

These two pics make me laugh. Bug is a bit of a bully with her "baby" cousin (who is almost as big as she is and he is only 8 months old!)


Saturday, March 22, 2008


Thursday, March 20, 2008

No surgery for Bug!!!

If you read this then you know that we have been in limbo about whether or not Lil Bug might have to have craniofacial reconstruction surgery again. Since the neurosurgeon referred us to a plastic surgeon, we were under the impression that he thought it might be something we have to do. At the same time, he said he wouldn't need to see us again for a year. So, I left there thinking that she *might* have to have craniofacial surgery again, but knowing that it must not be crucial for her health or we would definitely need to see him sooner than a year.

We tossed the idea around, prayed about it and God answered. Apparently no plastic surgeons in our town accept our insurance. The neurosurgeons secretary called to tell us that and tell us we had two options....either go and pay for it ourselves or not go. I asked why Dr. F referred us and she said, "he wanted a second opinion, but he said since she has a shunt and already had it once, most likely there is nothing that can be done anyway."

Well, there you have it folks...I am not paying for a dr. visit that we don't need! So, we are staying out of the OR for now! WOOT!! WOOT!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Orphan Ministry

A few weeks ago our church announced that they are starting an orphan ministry and they asked if anyone was interested.

Of course I signed up and last night was our first meeting. It was an introductory meeting, explaining who we are, why we felt led to that group and what direction would we like it to go.
One of the myths I was prepared to address within the group (and the church as a whole, if necessary) was that DIAs are not saving "orphans."

I am happy to say that the group got it...they understood. I explained that I have absolutely nothing against domestic adoption (when done for the right reasons and ethically) and find it a beautiful, legitimate way to grow a family, however, if people felt like they are led to "save a child," then DIA is NOT the program for them.

With that, the group focused on local and state foster children that are available for adoption. We are not sure where our group will go and what we are supposed to accomplish, but I am so excited to be a part of this endeavor. I have been praying fervently that God will use me in this capacity and surprise, surprise...he is!

We have a....

tooth! Yay! Finally, after months and months of working on it, Lil Princess has her first tooth.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A dr. appt update & a stroll down memory lane

***Warning, this post will get into some graphic descriptions of surgery, so if you have a weak stomach, you may want to steer clear of the text that is in blue. I am also including graphic photos at the end of Lil Bug after one of her surgeries***

On Monday Bug had her annual checkup with her neurosurgeon. These appointments are always a little nerve wracking. Last year we thought we were going to get a "thumbs-up" review during her exam and we were informed that she would be having a shunt revision within a couple of weeks. We were shocked because she hadn't exhibited any symptoms of shunt failure. Even so, the dr. felt it was important enough to do a revision before it got bad and caused damage. It didn't really "fail" per se, but she outgrew it.

Anyway, her appointment on Monday was just a regular checkup...nothing to be worried about. With regards to her shunt and head size, it went very well. He was VERY pleased with her progress, her growth, the shunt. He was, however, not very excited about the asymmetry in her face.

I can't recall if I ever wrote about it here or not, but when Bug was 9 months old she had craniofacial reconstructive surgery. The surgery was required because when she was born two plates in her skull were prefused together and not allowing her brain to grow properly. Sadly, it was not noticed immediately at birth and the neurosurgeon placed her shunt on the same side of her skull, so when it came time for the reconstruction, it was VERY complicated. The surgery lasted 13 hours total and was by far the worst thing The Designer and I have ever had to endure as parents thus far.

For Bug, the surgery required cutting her head open from one ear, over the top of her head to the other ear. They cut in a zig-zag pattern so that when her hair grew back, it would blend together rather than forcing a part. You can still see the scar on the top, center of of head pretty clearly, but the rest of it is basically hidden by her hair.

After they cut open the skin, they removed the skull from her brain. They then broke the skull down into small pieces and tediously reshaped it with plates and screws and reattached it to her head.

Since this surgery is not related to people with Spina Bifida or shunts, it is VERY rare that someone would have both. Due to that fact, the dr.'s were not certain if it would be a success or not.

So, here is the good news and the bad news. That surgery was performed almost 3 years ago and her head has grown right on schedule ever since. So, in that sense, it was a huge success. Now for the bad news...it did not hold its shape as they had hoped and her face is very asymmetrical. Aesthetically speaking, she is very unbalanced.

As her mother, I can see the asymmetry fairly easily, but at the same time, I don't really notice it at all. I am sure others pick up on it immediately, but fortunately people don't ask about it.

So, the neurosurgeon is requesting that we set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon (can't be the same one as he no longer works with pediatrics) and get an opinion on what could/should be done for Bug.

We haven't spoken to the plastic surgeon yet, so we are not sure what he will suggest, but we have been thinking a lot about the possibilities of what he may suggest. If he were to suggest that Bug have the reconstructive surgery again, I honestly don't know what we would do.

The right choice may seem very obvious to some, but let me explain our dilemma.

On the one hand, if it is purely cosmetic, The Designer and I have no desire whatsoever to put Bug in that kind of risk again. When she had the surgery the first time, she had an inexplicable fever that the dr.'s were beginning to fear was a brain infection and in case you don't know...that would be VERY, VERY BAD! We love Bug just the way she is and we think she is one of the most perfect, most beautiful little girls to ever exist. We have no desire at all to change her appearance if it is not medically necessary (as it was the first time).

On the other hand, Bug will be attending a traditional school, in a regular classroom and she is already facing a more challenges than her future classmates will. She will most likely get picked on for having a walker (or crutches) and for wearing glasses and all the other stupid stuff kids pick on other kids for. If she is extremely asymmetrical, that is just one more thing for kids to notice and be cruel about. Also, will she become a teenager and be mad at us for not considering her feelings when we made the choice we made for her. At some point down the road, would she be disappointed that we didn't "help" her out when we had the chance?

So, I am trying to think about what The Designer and I want and what Lil Bug may or may not want some day.

All of this thinking is really pointless at this point as we don't even have an official appointment with a plastic surgeon yet!

For the full effect, here are a few pictures of Bug after her craniofacial surgery in June 2005.

This is the morning we went into the hospital, which is the day before her surgery. We figured scrubs were comfy and ideal for this situation.

We knew they were going to shave her head and in order to feel like we had some control, some say, I opted to cut her baby hair myself so that I could have some to keep for her.

Here she is immediately after she came out of recovery.

Even after this, she smiles!

You can see the scope of the incision from this perspective.

About 24 hours after her surgery her eyes began to swell shut. They stayed that way for a couple of days. She was so courageous! She couldn't see me, but when she heard me talk, she would flash me her beautiful smile. She is such a blessing! God is SO good to us!

She really didn't like her pink helmet, but dealt with it well...and once again, still smiling (and playing!) only 2 days after major reconstructive/brain surgery.

Is it clear to see why we are head over heels, madly in love with this incredible little person? I feel like the luckiest mommy in the whole world and I literally thank God daily for choosing me to be Lil Bug and Lil Princess' mommy!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Finally...vacation pics

This is our very first flight of our trip. See the guy in the background? Lil Bug didn't stop talking to this poor man. He was very tolerant of my little chatter bug.

My dad with Lil Bug the first morning...it was kind of chilly considering we were on the Mexico border.

This is not atypical for lawn ornaments in this area. Sadly, this is in my dads front yard! Bug loed the donkey, however. :)

Yummy! Fresh grapefruit...one of my favorite fruits. This tree is in my dads side yard. I brought 1/2 dozen of them home with me and have been enjoying them here in cold Michigan. Somehow eating it brings warmth here.

Princess with her grandpa D



My safari girl

Lil Princess just hanging out...finally it was warm

I went to the store and bought this walker so Princess had something to play in while we were at my dads. I boxed it up and brought it home with us. She loves it!

Tell me this doesn't shout of old peopleville! For a pasttime, we drove around on this golf cart. The girls loved it.

On one of our rides both girls fell asleep on me. :)

This statue of Jesus is on South Padre Island. It is beautiful.



Playing in the sand at the island. Princess even liked her toes in the sand this time!

The girls in the hospital bed. They were such troopers. Princess enjoyed hanging out with her sister.

How do you really feel about that hospital food?

Just chillin' out at the hospital

One of those dorky self inflicted photographs! I wanted documentation that I was indeed at the hospital with them. :) You can easily tell by the dark circles under my eyes that it was a rough vacation!!!!!!!!!

Isn't she just gorgeous?!?!

Say what?

This is the blanket Diane made for Bug

And this is Diane with Bug...the smile says a big "thank you" for the blankie!

Now THAT'S a vacation- part 3

Ok, so the first two parts document what I would honestly call the trip from hell. But, as is my personality, I always try to see the light whenever possible. So, I wanted to end this story with all the beauty I noticed during the trip.

First and foremost, if you think humanity amongst strangers is gone, you are DEAD WRONG. Sure there were a large number of people who gawked at me as I tried to maneuver my children and belongings around. But, more importantly, there were those special people who stepped up and assisted.

I mentioned those lovely ladies that helped when I was deplaning in Detroit in part 1. There were daddies that were eager to carry a stroller or a child (um, no!) and my carry on whenever possible. One time a guy offered to carry Bug (he noticed she couldn't walk on her own) and I asked if it would be ok for him to carry the carry on instead. He understood, but for good measure he pulled out his wallet and showed me his "credentials." He had two beautiful 6 month old sons waiting for him at home that he was eager to hug and kiss.

There were people who offered to help at the security check points (rarely was it an employee, but oh well).

My dads neighbor lady, Diane, came over the morning after we got back from the hospital to check on Bug. She didn't know she was out of the hospital yet. When I answered the door, she was so happy to see my face. I had only met the lady once. She met Bug and fell head over heels in love with her instantly (as so many do). She said that she was so worried about Bug and was praying for her to heal quickly. I told her she was home and she got tears in her eyes and praised God right there. She then went on to tell me a lovely story about her previous life living in the countryside. She explained that while there she learned how to crochet and because she couldn't take her mind off Bug the whole time we were in the hospital, she decided to crochet a blanket for her. She was worried we wouldn't like the colors or the quality. Let me tell you, it was done beautifully. Sure, the colors aren't ones I personally would have picked out, but WHO CARES? From her heart this lady made Bug a full size blanket by hand. That means so much us...to me, it is one of the most beautiful blankets we own. I thanked her over and over again and she was so humble. She "threw" it together in a day...a FULL SIZE blanket...in a day! Wow! I can't knit or crochet, so that seems impossible, but apparently it isn't. Oh, and I have to say that when Bug saw it, she said, "It's BEAUTIFUL!" That's my girl!!!

The one person who really stood out to me the most, however, was the last pilot of our trip. He saw me standing right outside the plane balancing Bug on my leg and trying to fold down the stroller. He came out (while the flight attendant just stood there watching) and asked how he could help. He held Bugs hands while I folded down the stroller. He then moved it and the walker to the proper location. He asked if he could carry Bug on the plane and since I knew he would be flying our plane, I figured he wouldn't go far! Bug instantly warmed to him. She wrapped her tiny little arms around his neck and held on as he carried her back to our seats. He gently buckled her in and helped me get the bag under the seat. He asked if there was anything else he could do (anything else? seriously?). My dumb response..."just get us home safe, please!" He said he would do what he could.

When we finally landed in our home airport we waited for what seemed like forever for the "gosh I just don't know what they call that thingy...walkway?" to get to the plane so we could deplane. It didn't arrive, so they brought stairs instead. As I approached the front of the plane with Princess attached to my front and Bug holding both my hands, trying to walk down the aisle...I noticed the stairs and wondered how I would get the two kids down and the carry on. Without hesitation, the pilot said, "I was waiting for you. I want to assist you again." He carried Bug and the carry on down the stairs. He then carried the stroller and Bug into the airport. I carried the walker and the baby. He escorted us into the airport, up the stairs. He gently, lovingly sat Bug down in the chair while he opened the stroller and moved her into it. He then loaded on the walker and the carry on and sent us on our way down the hall to meet up with DADDY!

Now that, my friends, is humanity. I am thinking that at the end of the day, he was tired. He doesn't get paid to assist goofballs like myself who decide to travel with two little ones alone. But, he did it anyway and it made my whole vacation worthwhile...to see the goodness and beauty in people was refreshing. It restored my faith in mankind.

Was that a vacation? Part 2

Where was I? Oh yes, on our way to the one of the two hospitals in town.

My dad told me that there is a large hospital and a small, new hospital. It was his experience that the ER in the smaller hospital was much faster and so that is where he took us. I didn't think to ask any questions and figured it was best to go wherever it was quickest.

Bug suffers from chronic UTI's, so I suspected that is what she had at this time, but she has never complained of stomach pain like that before, so I was a bit more concerned that usual. When the dr. came in to the ER, I explained her Spina Bifida and chronic UTI's. He wanted to do an X-ray. I asked that he do a urinalysis and blood work first as I was sure that she had a UTI. He disregarded my request and sent an x-ray tech in (after sitting for about 1.5 hours). I declined the service, asking that the tech return AFTER a urinalysis and blood work were run. I didn't feel we needed to waste that money when I knew what was wrong. (side note: If Bug has a UTI in MI, I just call her dr., he calls in a rx and then I drop of a urine sample. They grow it out and change her antibiotic if necessary. We don't need to even go in.)

The dr. came in very upset with me that I questioned his authority. I politely apologized, informing him that I was not trying to question him, but that I was trying to be my child's advocate. He huffed out mumbling something like, "how am I supposed to do my job when parents like you don't allow me to?" Later he came back in to let me know that Bugs white cells were extremely elevated and that she had blood in her urine (i.e. she had a UTI). He left and the nurse came in. She informed me that Bug was going to have to be admitted to the hospital (insert jaw drop here!). She said that since this hospital doesn't do pediatrics, they are going to have to transfer her to the other hospital in town (another jaw drop).

This is where I finally lost it. I began to cry. I hadn't packed enough stuff to stay over night in the hospital. I wasn't sure how our insurance would work (if at all). I missed The Designer. Tons of things were running through my head. The nurse then informed me that she had to put an IV in and start an antibiotic before she was transferred. I asked if we could drive her to the other hospital (2 blocks away) and she said no, it had to be by ambulance. I asked if we could technically refuse treatment and drive her there ourselves. I had a couple of reasons why I wanted to do that...first, I wanted to go back to my dads and pack the stuff I needed for our stay. Second, I knew it would be very expensive. Third, I knew that I would take her to the other hospital (I wouldn't really refuse my daughter treatment!). She said she would ask and let me know if that would work out.

When the nurse returned, she said that if we refused treatment and left the hospital, we would have to be reported to the Texas Child Protective Services. Obviously, since we have not gone through finalization with Princess, that was not an option for us. So, we reluctantly agreed to have an IV put in and waited for our ambulance transport.

The transport team showed up about 2 hours later. It was ridiculous! There were 8 people total there to transport my sweet little Bug. They strapped a car seat to the board and then put Bug on it. She was so incredibly brave. She was talking to the transport team and made their day!

My dad took Princess to his car and drove to the other hospital to meet up with us. We got to our room and were promptly informed that Princess absolutely could NOT be on the hospital floor. I informed the nurse that I didn't have a choice. My husband was 1800 miles away. My dad just had heart surgery and is in no way prepared to care for an infant. I knew NOBODY else in Texas, therefore she had to stay with me. She argued for a moment and then conceded telling me that under no circumstances could I leave the hospital room because other parents might see Princess and question why they couldn't have their baby there also. Whatever! She then informs me that they will provide food for Bug (well that is might big of them, considering she IS. THE. PATIENT.) but that since I was a parent, I would not have food and that I would need to go to the cafeteria to get it. I reminded her that I had Princess and asked if she would rather I leave with Princess or if they would rather provide food. They decided to deliver food (if that is what you could call it) to me as well.

We only had to stay one night and two full days, but it was enough. To be honest, I could have stayed another night because as stressful as it was, it was still better than staying at my dads for the moment. But, when the dr. gave us the choice of staying or going home, my dad was standing there and I couldn't very well explain to him why I wanted to stay.

We left the hospital with a Rx and the instruction to fill it and give it to her. However, the culture was not done growing out, so they were not sure if the antibiotic prescribed would actually heal her. I went to Walgreens to fill the Rx and learned that our insurance wouldn't pay for out-of-state doctors so we had to pay the $122 to get it filled. I was praying that it was the right one and we would have to change it again the next day. Indeed, it was the right one. But, I was fully aware that I was going to have problems with our insurance and the TX hospitals after speaking with the lady at Walgreens.

We only had 1 full day left with my dad and it turned out pretty good. Bug was in much better spirits, which meant that my dad was much more receptive of her. We spent the day shopping and enjoying a bit of sunshine even though it was 40 mph wind gusts.

The next morning we went to the airport to come home and when I got to the counter, I was informed that someone had cancelled our reservation by accident and that I couldn't get out of town for another day or two. Then, when she realized it was a frequent flyer ticket, she corrected herself and said it could be as much as another week. I was ticked! I did NOTHING wrong. I made the reservation back in December. I absolutely was going home that day and she was going to figure out how to do it. After I insisted and wouldn't' leave, she managed and we did arrive home around 10pm that night.

The Designer was there waiting for us and I have never been so happy to be back in his arms. We waited for my baggage...and waited....and waited...and realized when the conveyor stopped that it wasn't coming. I got in line with the ticket agent and was told that my bags were left in Memphis. About 24 hours later they were delivered to our front door. We are home. The bags are home. All is well!

Now, since I know nobody could possibly still be reading, I am going to document some random things here for my own sake.

* The weather was not all that great while we were there. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. It was VERY windy 5 of the 7 days we were there. About 1/2 of the time, it wasn't hot, but at least it wasn't snowy. The last night we were there, the temp dropped to 40 degrees outside. My dad didn't turn the heat on in his house, so it dropped to 48 degrees inside. The kids froze and didn't sleep well.

* I didn't get more than 2-3 hours of sleep at one time the entire trip. I'm not complaining as I know that traveling alone with 2 kids is risky, but I was exhausted, to say the least.

* My dad rented car seats for the girls so I didn't have to travel with them. The one for Princess was broken. My dad didn't see the big deal. I insisted on making changes, but we had to get home the first night using the broken one. The next day I made changes with the "extra" seat someone had loaned him and all was well.

(Part 3 is going to discuss the beauty of people that I saw in my travels...so, if you read nothing else, read that one)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Was that a vacation? Part 1

Wow! What a crazy week we had. I am not sure I even know where to start and I am guessing this post will be so long, most won't read it, so it will serve more as a journal for me than anything else.

The girls and I left for Texas on Feb. 26 at 8am. We were going to Harlingen, which is near Brownsville, which is on the US/Mexico border. My dad winters there and had begged us to come down. I had told him several times that we would come, but then life always happened and we never made it. He had yet another heart surgery not long ago and I realized that there are no guarantees in life and that I should probably make it down there at least one more time. So, I packed up the girls and we traveled alone to Texas. The Designed stayed home because he just took a week off earlier in the month to go to Florida with us.

I knew that taking a 6 month old and a 3.5 year old (with physical disabilities) on a flight would be a challenge, but I had no idea what the trip had in store for us.

Due to where we were starting and where we were ending and the fact that we were flying on frequent flyer tickets, we had to do a 3 legged trip, which meant two layovers, 3 flights in one day. EEK! I had the double stroller, Bugs walker, our carry on (which included the kitchen sink!) and both kids. We must have been a sight!

The Designer dropped us off at the airport and helped us get our checked bags in and then he took off. The girls and I were off...

I don't think I have ever mentioned airport security on my blog before. Let me just tell you, it is intense for us. First, Bug can't walk through the detector on her own. Her walker won't fit. The stroller has to go through the machine thingy, but it is a double so it doesn't fit. We hold EVERYONE behind us up every time we travel. All sorts of people gawk at us and sigh loudly, but few offer assistance. Anyway, since Bug has leg braces with plastic and metal, she gets extra "attention." So I take off my shoes, my belt and empty my pockets. I load all of that up on the conveyor belt and, of course, the carry on bag and then I stroll the stroller over to the little "door" and wait, and wait, and wait until someone decides to assist us. I bring the girls in and they pat down Princess. Then they pat down Bug and do the extra swab things to her leg braces. Then they pat me down and scan me and all that jazz. Meanwhile, my bag, purse, belongings, shoes, etc. are all on the other side of the wall, just sitting there for the free world to take, should they so choose. Fortunately, no one took our stuff and all was well.

To board the plane I decided to put Princess in the carrier I made and leave Bug in the stroller. I wheeled her all the way to the end of the (what is that thing called?) and then I have to carefully take Bug out, balance her against the wall, break down the stroller, put that and the walker to the side and somehow now carry Bug, the carry on (which seriously weighed 25 pounds) and Princess down the tiny, narrow aisle of the plane. I asked for help from the flight crew, but that didn't happen on the first flight. We got settled into our seats and we were off.

We arrived in Detroit late (delayed for the deicing that they had to perform before we took off) and two very nice ladies helped me get off the plane. One lady ran ahead to find out which gate we were supposed to go to next and to ask them to hold the plane because we were going to miss the connection. The gate agent couldn't (wouldn't?) call the other gate so we had to run from one end of the airport to the other (I'm not joking...it was literally one end to the other) and we arrived just as the last people were boarding. I didn't have time to use the restroom or cath Bug or change Princesses diaper, so once we were settled and off the ground I managed to get the three of us in one of those tiny little airplane bathrooms and did just that. It was INSANE!

We arrived in Houston late (once again delayed for deicing!) and so when I deplaned I asked where I had to go. Since the airline we started with didn't go into the city we were heading to, I had to change airlines. That meant I had to leave one section of the airport and go to a completely different, which then meant that I had to go through security AGAIN! What a pain in the booty. By the time we did all of that, we had missed our connection. The next flight out was full, so we were standby. The next flight we were guaranteed seats on was not to leave for over 6 hours. So, we made ourselves comfy, ate some food and rested. We finally arrived in Texas 14 hours after we left our house that same day.

(oh man, this is going to be crazy long....)

I think I have insinuated in past blogs that my dad and I don't always get along the best. He became my father when I was 2 and legally when he adopted me at age 5. I would do anything in the world for him, but I do see him as a very selfish person and our relationship does struggle from that sometimes. With that said...

My dad stays in Harlingen, TX for the winters. He lives in a mobile home retirement community. He is the youngest person in the park by a LONG shot! He likes to live there because the oldies "need" him (according to him) and that makes him feel young and vibrant. His place is decent, but very small. The walls are paper thin and it only has 2 bedrooms. We arrived late at night, the girls were tired (as was I) so I got them ready and promptly put them to bed. The slight problem was that there was only 1 bed and 3 of us. So, I made a comfy spot for Princess on the floor near the bed and Bug and I shared a bed. Princess spent much of the night in the bed with us as she was not familiar with the place and not so happy about sleeping on the floor (would you be?). I got a total of about 2 hours of sleep. I was exhausted the next day.

Sadly, the first and second full day we were there Bug was a terrible brat. Now that is really out of character for her. She is a very polite little girl. Uses manners 99% of the time. She snuggles and loves on everyone. But not these two days. Nope, not her! She was mean and fussy. My dad immediately got irritated and started making negative comments about her. That pissed me off right from the start. I explained to him that she is out of her element, she is tired (from not sleeping much) and she is 3, for pity sake. He would hear nothing of it. He started showing preferential treatment to Princess. If you know me, you know that I do not allow either of my children to be treated poorly, so there was a lot of strife around there.

On Thursday (2nd full day) we went to the zoo. Bug did ok, but definitely could have been better. On Friday we went to South Padre Island. I was so looking forward to going there. I expected to have sunshine and warmth. I figured Bug and Princess would love being outdoors, near the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, Bug cried most of the time and the weather was awful. It rained some and was extremely windy.

Saturday morning Bug woke up screaming in pain. When I finally calmed her down enough, I understood that she was saying her stomach was hurting her. I asked my dad if there were any

walk-in medi-centers. He wasn't sure and thought I was overreacting. He thought Bug was just being a "brat" again. I know my daughter and I know that she doesn't act like this unless something is terribly wrong. Since my dad was no help with regards to a medi-center, I asked for a phonebook. Mind you, it is 6am and still dark outside. I am tired, emotional and scared for Bug. Finally I just ask him to take us to the hospital. He agrees and takes us to one of the two hospitals in town.

(I will continue this story in Part 2 for the sake of anyone who might actually take the time to read through this.)


So I was tagged by http://gettingitoffmymind.blogspot.com/

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So here goes

1. I love to exercise but rarely have the time to do it these days and that makes me sad.

2. I like to cook (so why don't I do it as much as I would like?)

3. I went on two warm-weather vacations in the past month and still managed to come home without a hint of color in my skin. (see forthcoming post for details)

4. I am working with a few ladies at my church to start a ministry that educates our church and community about adoption, foster care and orphans.

5. I am really frugal- I like to buy and do nice things, but I always look for the absolute best price and often will negotiate if I think I can get something a little cheaper...we work hard for our money.

6. It drives me batty when people don't hold up their word. If you can't trust a mans word, what can you trust?

7. I am scared silly about the upcoming elections

So I am tagging: nobody. I think everyone I would tagged has already been tagged at least once or twice. If you want to be tagged, let me know and I will add you! :)