Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time flies

I can hardly believe that Lil Princess turned 3 months on this past Tuesday. How is that possible? Time flies!

She is still waking up once a night to eat, but I am convinced it is out of habit more than necessity. So, Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2am, when she woke up, I decided to let her cry it out. I went into her room, assured her mommy was there, she was ok, etc. and patted her back. She cried on and off for about 20 minutes and then fell sound asleept and didn't wake until 7:30 Tuesday morning.

Night #2 The Designer was supposed to do the same thing if/when she woke up in the middle of the night. At about 2:30, she woke up. He went to her room and tried all the tips I had given him from the night before. After 30 minutes, she was still crying, so I went in, made a couple of adjustments and within 2 minutes she was zonked back out and slept until nearly 8am.

Night #3 was last night and she didn't wake until 4am. I did the same routine and she was back to sleep until about 7:30am.

So, I am hoping she will finally figure out that she doesn't need to wake up in the middle of the night soon. I am hoping that something very positive will come from this. Keep your fingers crossed, okay? Or, better yet, say a prayer for Lil Princess. She seems to have much better days when she sleeps more at night, so it is good from all directions.


Steph said...

Praying that Lil princess will sleep through the night And her parents can get some much needed rest too.

PeWee said...

I realize what a blessing my full night's sleep is!