Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who does she look like?

While I was pregnant with Lil Bug I would daydream about her often. How big would she be? Would she have hair or be bald? Would she be a happy/content baby or would she fuss a lot? Would she have my nose and The Designers mouth? I believe that those questions are common for any mother to consider while she is pregnant. And I also believe that the answers to any of these questions really doesn't matter, they are just fun to think about.

When Lil Bug was born, it was fun to hear peoples opinions on whom she resembled in appearance. The vast majority said that she was a mirror image of her daddy, The Designer. It didn't matter to me, but it was fun to hear their thoughts. I agreed that she looked just like her daddy. And why wouldn't she? One-half of her DNA came from him.

When we considered adoption, we didn't have any preconceived ideas of what our future child would look like. Once we were matched with N, I kind of expected to have the same "expecting" daydreams that I had for Lil Bug, but strangely, that didn't happen. I never really wondered who she would look like. I find that strange now, but I guess I knew she would look like N and D and to see how much of each them she resembled wouldn't be answered until she was born anyway. Besides, there was much more to think about during our wait.

The minute Lil Princess was born, it was very obvious to me who she resembled. I looked at her tiny little face and I could see a baby N looking back at me. Of course I have no idea what N looked like as a baby, but I am willing to bet she looked an awful lot like Lil Princess looks now. Did it surprise me to see the resemblance? NOT. AT. ALL. I expected it! And furthermore, I like it!

I have no intention of pretending that Lil Princess came from my womb. I have no intention of leading strangers to believe that Lil Princess is biologically related to me. That doesn't mean I will announce she is adopted to the world. Truly it is no body's business unless I feel like making it their business. However, it will not be a family secret that accidentally explodes in Lil Princess' face when she gets bigger.

As Lil Princess ages and begins to realize her story, she will have a beautiful reminder of her roots every time she looks in the mirror. She will see a lot of N and a bit of D in herself.

I am sure the resemblances don't end there. I am willing to bet that she will have personality traits of each of her biological parents as well. And those will be celebrated also!

So, the next time a stranger asks me, "who does she look like?" I will proudly proclaim that she resembles BOTH of her parents and leave it at that. She does and that makes me very happy for her.


Anita said...

She is her mother's daughter! Beautiful post! LOVE

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! When strangers ask us who David looks like most I too say he looks like both his parents.

angel_girl2007 said...

I agree with jmd. Beautifully said. I am so thankful you are a part of my life. I love you.

L L (skyangel) said...

Well said! And true! Beautiful.

mommyof2boys said...

I agree beautiful post. I see a lot of T & C in Lil P and I am proud of that. I'm not trying to make Lil P into my biological son - he isn't but he is my son too. Great post!

Jenia said...

When you put up new pictures of Lil Princess, I couldn't believe just how much she resembles N!! Spitting image! Jayden actually has an uncanny resemblence to Mike. Everytime we go out together as a family people say "OMG He looks just like his daddy!!" Well we will never know if he truly looks like his bio dad b/c we never met him, but we do know that he is his daddy's mini me!

nush said...

She may resemble both her parents, however, she will always be uniquely her! It's funny how when we know a person is related to someone biologically we can find physical characteristics that resemble that person. Just as when we see people together, and assume they are related biologically we can find physical traits that we think are resemblances due to their being related. Either way, weather adopted or biological, our children will have certain inherited character traits from us! Ultimately, every person is unique in their own special way! Little Bug, and Little princess are both adorable! I look at little bug and I definately see lots of her dad's features. But I've only seen photo's!
~miss ya