Thursday, September 27, 2007


Television has never been a big deal in our family...that is until the past couple of years. We lived in Colorado for 7 years and never once did we have cable or dish. We were both working full time and going to school full time, which meant that if either one of us was watching television, we weren't doing something that really needed to be done. We never missed not having tv. The fact of the matter was, we had rabbit ears and got in 3 (sometimes 4) channels and if we were really needing a tv fix, we survived with whatever was on. Even during the summers (when I was off from teaching) I didn't miss tv because I would go outside and enjoy the gorgeous Colorado weather.

When we moved to Michigan I decided I wanted to have Dish because I would be a SAHM and since I would be spending so much time indoors (Lil Bug was born in Sept. and the winters in Michigan are miserable) I wanted to have something to do. The Designer agreed and we got Dish. We didn't request it, but along with Dish came Digital Video Recording (DVR). We knew we certainly didn't need it, but it was there.

Well, we started playing around with DVR and learned quickly that although there were not a lot of shows that we loved (remember, we had no idea what was even on really), we used the DVR for the couple that we "just couldn't live without."

Fast forward 3 years and we are completely and utterly dependent on our stupid DVR. Yes, I could break the cycle. I could get rid of Dish altogether and we would survive, but a few good things have come out of having a DVR. (ok, get ready for some stretching here!)

First, when the children are all in bed and I have 30-60 minutes of quiet, mommy time, I am able to watch a show I really want to see and not one that happens to be on at the moment because I had the forethought to set up the DVR to record it.

Second, Lil Bug is able to watch Dora the Explorer, Signing Times (great show!) and Diego at convenient times, not when they happen to be on Nick Jr. We don't let Lil Bug watch much tv, but she is allowed 1 or 2 30-minute shows a day. She usually picks Dora, but there are times when she chooses something else (just as educational).

So, we moved to a state that is impossibly sticky and hot during the summer and ridiculously cold and snowy in the winter. We have DVR. It entertains us. I have gained weight and am less physically fit than I have ever been. So, the question I have is this...would that have happened anyway or can I completely blame my physical state on the dumb DVR?

Oh, on second laptop could be the cause for the weight gain. I sit here on my booty reading blogs and commenting on boards. Hmmm, the DVR isn't bad all...gotta run...I have several shows recorded that I NEED to watch! :)


Renee & Paul said...

oo we were debating on getting a dvr...should we stay away before it's too late lol?

mommyof2boys said...

Your post cracks me up!! We got a dvr two years ago - and like yours ours came with the DISH. I can't imagine not having it! I am addicted! I love being able to put Diego on for Lil P while I am cooking supper and know that I have 30 minutes. Plus I know what is in the show and don't feel that I have to watch it with him. And besides that I am addicted to tv and I would have no way to watch two shows at once without my dvr.

Steph said...

I live off of rabbit ears. Honestly, I'm not disappointed when I go visit somewhere with cable because there's not much I'm interested in watching even though a gazillion channels are available. Maybe I just have access to all those channels at the wrong time when nothing is on. I survive with the network channels. DVR would be nice. BTW,You look great and skinny.

Anita said...

I should call Dish and find out if DVR is now included in their basic package... we've been customers for 5 years and still don't have DVR. I can see the benefits, but I generally have no trouble finding something to watch in the background while I'm crocheting.

And Ang, blame the weight gain on your DVR, certainly!

L L (skyangel) said...

I am so afraid of getting a DVR...I am afraid that I will never leave the couch! : )