Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In a blink of an eye

Lil Bug started preschool on Monday. I seriously cannot even wrap my brain around it. She was just born last week, wasn't she?

The month of September has been very difficult for me with regards to Lil Bug. First, she turned 3. For some reason, that was very difficult for me. My guess as to why is because we had Lil Princess here to compare just how big Lil Bug is and just how fast the time flies.

Then she started preschool. To be honest, when I was pregnant with her, the dire prognosis of Lil Bug's health didn't encourage me to look forward to such a monumental day. She has been blessed by God (our whole family has!) and is a living, walking miracle. For that reason alone, I beamed with pride as I watched my darling firstborn daughter walk up to the preschool teacher. She was so brave and strong. She cried, sure. But she went anyway. She caught up with the rest of the kids and turned around and managed out a courageous, "I'll see you in a bit, mom."

That little sentence did me in. I quickly turned and walked back across the parking lot to my car. I jumped in and the tears fell. I cried. I didn't cry because I was scared for Lil Bug. I know she will do fantastic in preschool. In fact, she already knows most of this years curriculum anyway. I cried because I realized I serve such a big God. I realize that God has shown his glory and light up my family. I cried because I am privileged enough to be Lil Bugs mom. I cried because it wasn't all that long ago I wasn't sure if this day would really ever come for her. I cried the whole 4 minute drive home.

The Designer rarely travels for work, but he was gone on Sunday and Monday. My mom took Monday off from work and spent Sunday night with me. She waited at home while I dropped Lil Bug off to preschool and when I returned she was there to dry my tears. She cried the first day I went to preschool too. She didn't have to say anything to me. She was there and that helped.

The rest of the day was emotional too. I will write about that in another post soon.

For now, here are some pics of Lil Bug on her way into school.

This first one, Lil Bug is still smiling. She is excited and proud to be going to school.
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In this pic, she realizes that I am not staying with her and the tears started.
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This pic, she is up with her teacher and a few of the other children. The teacher is trying to calm her. She is taking one last look as I walked off.
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BlessedWithDaughters said...

Sweet baby Bug! So brave! God really has kept his hand on your family...what a powerful testimony you and your family have!

Hugs, friend...

mommyof2boys said...

I remember Big D's first day of school - I cried all day!! And my mom was there to help me too. I needed that so I completely understand. Lil P is going to be a year old in a month and I tear up every time I think about it. It's so hard because you want your kids to grow up and be independent - but at the same time it scares you to death to think they might not need you anymore.

SJ said...

I cried with you while reading your post. I can't believe she is three! She seems so much older ;) Your lil bug has been such an amazing blessing to so many people. I'm definitely included in that number :)

Still don't understand why kids seem to grow up so fast. I know I haven't aged that quickly ;)

Emily said...

She's a brave Little Bug - go be great & smart & wonderful in preschool! (((HUGS))) to her mommy!

Renee & Paul said...

What a brave and beautiful girl. What a special gift from God you have. :)

Miya'sMomma said...

Ang! You made me cry :(!

Miya'sMomma said...

A good cry though :)

Anita said...

Sweet Lil Bug! I know she'll do great in preschool and would love to hear her daily stories when she gets home! Enjoy this milestone! (HUGS)

LeeJo said...

Angie, oh honey, that had to be SO hard to leave her making that face! You know it must be done, you have to let her go, but the gut-wrenching feeling of letting your baby go into the big wide world.

I bet she is all settled in by now, though.