Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a CROC!!!!!!!!!

Ok, you know what Crocs are. EVERYONE does! When they first hit the scene a while back I thought they were the ugliest things ever. Everyone told me how comfy they are and apparently they are right, because I am sure every other person in our country has at least one pair. Regardless of their comfort, the plastic shoe did nothing for me!

So, what is the big deal? They come in an abundance of colors (their most popular "beach" style has 31 color options to be exact). They come in an abundance of styles (who knew? Take a look at www.crocs.com to see). They are waterproof. They are comfy. Other that that, so what?

Well, here is where it becomes a problem for me. I am beginning to like these things. I actually found myself looking at a knockoff pair at the store the other day. I actually came home and told The Designer that I needed to find a store that sells the real deal. He laughed.

So, now I am on a mission. First, to find a store so I can view and try these things in person. Second, to decide upon a color.



BlessedWithDaughters said...

This has made me laugh this morning...I've been there! I have been thinking about these things and thinking how unattractive they'd make my feet and legs look...but the whole comfort thing is a huge draw.

I also have rebelled against them because I remember the whole Jelly Shoes thing back in the 80's...Jellies...wow. That's a blast from the past.

SJ said...

They are hideous! I can't imagine that they are actually comfortable. I will never get them because my feet sweat when hot and that would just not work with unbreathing plastic (gross!).

My pastor has a pair and when he took dancing lessons for his daughter's wedding he wore them :P It was funny :)

Anita said...

CROCS RULE! I've worn nothing else since Meek bought me a pair... the truth is I said "Meek please go pick me up a pair of Crocs when you are out today." I've thought of wearing other shoes, but haven't for about two months now. Even got a white pair of professionals for work. And once you experience the comfort the hideaousness subsides and you start to think they are kind of cute and that you need one in every color with coordinating jibbitz! I tried knock offs and they are just cheap plastic shoes. CROCS! Gotta love em!

BlessedWithDaughters said...

I'm exhibiting my ignorance...what's "jibbitz"???

Please forgive and love me anyway!


Anita said...

Ok, Mindy, you asked! I DO love you! Fair warning! Once you see jibbitz you will HAVE to buy crocs w/jibbitz for the girls, and then they will want Mommie and Daddie to have a pair and soon you will be a crocs loving family! But remember you asked, so it's your own fault! www.jibbitz.com