Sunday, July 15, 2007

Now they know

Well, today was an eventful day! Today was the day we chose to tell our parents about N and our match. It was a fun day.

First, I have to say that N is an amazing person. She is courageous and fun. I honestly don't recall how this plan even started, but somehow it came about that N would go with us to my parents house and the Designer's parents house to let them know that she is carrying Lil Princess.

I was concerned about N. I didn't want it to be overwhelming for her. I didn't want her to feel pressured. I didn't want her to feel like she couldn't say no. So, multiple times I gave her the opportunity to back out and multiple times she assured me that she was excited and wanted to be involved in telling them.

I talked with N about how to tell them. Her suggestion was to introduce her first and then introduce her belly as Lil Princess. So, that was the plan.

Today we picked up N after church. We drove straight to my moms house to pick up Lil Bug because she spent the night there last night. Before we left home, I called my mom and told her that a friend I had met through Bethany might be coming along. Bringing a friend from Bethany wasn't odd to her because she knows that I have met in person many off the wonderful people I have met online. So, she didn't think twice. The funniest thing about these pics is that she is in scrubs and just got out of the shower, so she had wet-head. She is going to be so mad if she ever finds out I put these pics on the blog!!!!

We arrived at my moms house. We walked into the house and I introduced N to my mom. My mom made no notice of N's belly and welcomed her like she would anyone. My mom truly is wonderful! Shortly thereafter I said, "Mom, I would like to introduce you to your newest granddaughter, Lil Princess!" My mom's immediate response: "No! Are you serious?" Immediately she hugged N and asked if she could touch her belly. N said yes and so it began. My mom cried, she laughed, she hugged, she smiled. It was wonderful!!!

We loaded up the car with all of Lil Bugs things and hit the road towards home. We were a couple of minutes away and N asked if we were going to go to The Designer's moms house. We didn't want to overdo anything, so we weren't going to do that today as well, but since she was excited and wanted to, we did it.

We called The Designer's mom to make sure her and Bumpa were going to be home. Bumpa was actually gone, but she was there. She found it odd we wanted to come over, but was glad we did. I didn't warn her that we had a friend with us. We walked into her house and she immediately greeted us. I blurted out, "Meet my friend Nicole and your future granddaughter Lil Princess!" She began to cry. Pretty much the same scene as with my mom happened with his mom.

The Designer was armed with the camera and got some fabulous photos that I have included for your viewing pleasure. We had such a fun day today!


nush said...

Aww, Angie that is amazing, awesome, wonderful!!! I am so excited for you, N, and your entire family! God is so good! Seriously i know your adoption journey has been full of ups and downs to say the least, but hearing this story makes my heart melt, and it is so encouraging to see how Gods plan for you and matt to grow your family is coming into fruition! How amazing.... I love you and absolutely cannot wait to meet your newest edition, along with you, matt, and grace!! look forward to talking with you soon.
~love ya

D said...

Oh my gosh, that is awesome! I can't believe you waited so long to tell anyone! How did you manage to keep it a secret so long? I love it!! I would LOVE to do something surprising like that, but I have a feeling my mom would disown me if she found out she was not told IMMEDIATELY upon even a possibility of a match. Well... she's disown me until the baby came anyway... ;)

So what did N say after all of this? Was it overwhelming? Wow, what a tough cookie she is!!

Anita said...

Angie! You look soooo happy! I LOVE how this has turned out! Grace is a doll! She is so happy too! Absolutely wonderful, just wonderful... (HUGS)

Anonymous said...

Priceless truly priceless!! I love the pictures. I too can't believe you kept it a secret so long.

You are truly blessed.


BlessedWithDaughters said...

This is such a blessing! What a beautiful day and a beautiful and fun way to share with your moms!

These are memories that you and N will cherish for years and years.

Thank you so much for sharing this!


SJ said...

I'm so happy that N was able to share in the joy of her/your so-to-arrive baby girl! She is amazing. Being able to share in S and C's joy helped me heal quicker and I know it will help N as well.

Those are GREAT pictures your dh took! Definitely going to be cherished for a long time and by lil princess in the future. N is gorgeous! The rest of you are cute too :P ;) :D

mommabear said...

YEAH...I love the way you told your family. The pictures are priceless. Lil princess is going to cherish them forever!! I bet you are get more and more excited!!