Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lil Bug and Lil Princess

So, Lil Bug is getting VERY excited about Lil Princess' pending arrival. She talks about her every day. She askes about N every day too. She doesn't fully comprehend the whole situation, but she does know that N plans to place the baby in her belly with us so Lil Bug will have a baby sister. She loves the idea!

Today she was playing VERY quietly in her room. She doesn't play all alone very often, so I didn't want to interrupt her, but I peaked in on her a few times (you know how scary it is when there is silence, right? It usually means trouble is lurking!). Anyway, she was in there taking the backing off all of the foam alphabet stickers she has and stacking them up on her belly. After about 30 minutes, she crawled out of her room with her belly full of stickers, hidden nicely under her shirt. She gets all the way across the living room and says to me, "Mommy, look, Lil Princess is in my belly!" She had a grin from ear-to-ear. I smiled and said, "So cute!" and off she went.

Later today she was wandering around the house and she saw a storage bin full of clothes that are awaiting Lil Princess' arrival. She started taking them out and saying thinks like, "oh, this one is SO cute!" and "Lil Princess is going to wear this, right momma?" She tells me regularly that her room is going to be Lil Princess' room soon and that she is moving to a big girl room. When we get in the car, she tells me that she is going to hold Lil' Princess' hand when she rides in the backseat with her.
What those little scenarios tell me is that Lil Princess is on her mind A LOT! That makes me excited and it makes me nervous. When we had our failed placement in Feb. Lil Bug struggled for a little while, but she didn't really get what was happening. This time she gets it for the most part. I firmly believe that this match will work out, but the protective mommy in me makes me worry for Lil Bug in the remote chance that it doesn't. This is the part where I let go and let God! That is all I can do.


BlessedWithDaughters said...

I can truly empathize...we fostered many little ones after Girly's arrival in our home, and many of them she still remembers and talks about. A few of them she talks about with sadness and says how much she misses them (and she was only 3 1/2-ish when we stopped fostering altogether). When Baby was placed with us, we held our breath for a while to see if Girly would really be able to understand that Baby was there to stay...thankfully, she does.

Letting go and letting God...yes, that's all we can do. He cares for the feelings of our children more than even WE do, and that's a huge comfort!

Love--and we'll be praying for all of you.


boxermommy said...

Hi there. I have tried to contact you through your blog but I'm sometimes computer illiterate. Anyway, I think we're neighbors of sorts. I live on Pine Island in Belmont. My husband and I are wishing to adopt a toddler and don't know where to start and hope you might be able to offer some help and hope. I did receive a packet from Bethany but don't know where to start.

I am also praying for your dad. My mom has the same problem(s). I am her only child and so she and I are all we have. My grandmother passed away last year and we are struggling to sell her home and put a closure on this part of life. Thank God for my husband. He is my source of strength when I don't have anymore of my own.

My husband and I watched the video of Lil Bug eating her spaghetti. We both laughed and wished that could happen here with our own child.

Well, I look forward to hearing from you. It's always nice to make new friends.


Angie said...


Yes, we are neighbors!!! I workout at the YMCA in Belmont. We must live very close. I would love to help navigate the adoption waters. Feel free to email using the BCS email link or use the Private Message option in BCS and give me your phone number. I will give you a call!!!!

Stephanie said...

Lil Bug is going to make a great big sister, I just know it.