Thursday, June 21, 2007

They returned my call...

Yesterday morning the assistant director of the YMCA called. She was very understanding and acknowledged that the Kid Zone needs to make some changes to accomodate Lil Bug and allow her to feel safe. We discussed what those changes might look like.

I admitted that this whole journey is new for me. I am trying to navigate my way through this whole thing we call parenthood, not to mention parenthood involving a very special, special needs kiddo. She said she was happy to be navigating with me. I believe her. I know some people tend to blow smoke to make the peace, but I really believe her. I hope she doesn't let me down.

I plan to start back to the gym next week to see if the changes have been implented. I am sure Lil Bug will be a bit resistant still, but I will encourage her to give it a try and hopefully she will humor me. I think once she is there a few times and feels safe again, all will be well.


BlessedWithDaughters said...

Hurrah! A good first step. I hope they implement the changes promised.


Going Back to Square One said...

I sincerely hope they follow through. If not, I would seriously check into their funding, i.e. United Way, etc. I would venture they are mandated to make accommodations for special-needs children, and a situation like this that goes unchanged would be a way to make them take notice.

That seems a wee-bit mean spirited, but grants are a way of life. Lil Bug deserves her time at the gym, too. The childcare area is not just about putting a warm body in the room to make sure the children don't tear each other limb from limb. It's also about education and learning to empathy. If they can't find employees able to do those two things at the minimum, then maybe they're hiring the wrong people.

uugh. Soapboxing again. Sorry!

Sherri said...

I'm glad you got a call back and she seems willing to help :) Let us know if it works out!

nush said...

So glad to hear they are trying to make things work out for everyone! Hope things change so you two are able to enjoy the ymca together!
~I miss ya :)