Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm back

My weekend was fun, hot, busy, and exhausting....but, I'm home!

We have a tradition. Ever since I moved back to Michigan I have attended the B93 Birthday Bash. I go with my mom and whoever else wants to go. This year there were 11 in our group staying in multiple campers.

What is B93 Birthday Bash? Good is a huge local country radio station. Every year in June they throw a huge 2 day concert. The majority of the acts are up and coming country artists, but there are always a few major artists there. The concert is free, so turnout is HUGE. I have heard estimates of between 75,000 - 100,000 that possible? Anyway, here was the lineup.

Saturday, June 23rd
Bronk Bros & Headin’ South
Halfway To Hazard
Jason Michael Carroll
Bucky Covington
The Wreckers)
Dierks Bentley

Sunday, June 24th
Whiskey Falls
Luke Bryan
Emerson Drive
Clint Black
Josh Turner
Sara Evans

The concert is held in a big open field. There is very limited shade opportunities, so for 2 straight days, I sat and baked in the sun. I used lots of SPF, so no worries, I did not burn! But I was H~0~T to say the least. I left early the first day because it was so hot and I was beginning to not feel well. I left early the second day because I missed Lil Bug so much. This was the first time EVER that I was away from her for 3 consecutive nights. It stunk! I was happy to return home last night and find that she missed me too! What a wonderful feeling.

I have to say that more than half the fun of attending this shin-dig is the people watching. I am serious when I say, I can't imagine where most of these people come is as if they came out of the woodwork! There are all types there. When you have a crowd that big, I suppose you would find all sorts.

Anyway, it was fun, but I am happy to be home. Will I go next year? Hmmmm, at the moment, I can't say for sure, but it is likely because it is a tradition.


Stephanie said...

Welcome Home! I don't liisten to country music that much but I recognized the names of some of the performers you saw. It sounds like a fun tradition.Glad you are back home and I'm sure Lil bug is too.

nush said...

Sounds like a crazy time! Its good to get away sometimes. Now you'll be extra fresh for little grace!!

Sherri said...

That sounds like great fun! There are some great names in that lineup :) Must say that I am very jealous right now :D

BlessedWithDaughters said...

Glad you had fun! Isn't it a great feeling of validation when our kids have truly missed us? *smile*