Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grocery Express

One of my biggest dislikes in life is shopping...for anything. Seriously! I don't like it. It seems like a waste of money and even more importantly, of time. Not to mention that I have to listen to one or two little girls saying, "I want that! I want that!" Which is a petpeeve of mine.

Yesterday I decided to do something about it. I decided to use our grocery stores' Express option. You go online, order the food you want, the quantity, etc. and then you schedule a pick up time. Someone else does your shopping and meets you at your car at your designated time to put it in your trunk. I had the sales flier out and planned my meals based on that then did my shopping online. It was easy and fast.

How wonderful is that?

And, the best part is....I won't buy a bunch of stuff I don't need because I won't be wandering aimlessly throughout the store just happening upon every junkfood item or every sale item and mindlessly putting it in my cart regardless of the need.

I tried it and I like it. I'll be doing it again in the future. :) Does that make me lazy or smart? lol


PeWee said...

The boys never ask for things. Not sure why.

It makes you incredibly brilliant! I WISH we had this service here!

Deanna said...

I like this!!!! Grocery shopping and getting gas are my pet peeves! So, I completely understand this!!! I would save money too if I did this...may have to look into it...