Monday, April 20, 2009

Lil Princess NEEDS to get better...RIGHT. NOW.

Lil Princess has been sick ALL. WINTER. LONG. with one thing after another. I just don't understand why?? She has had multiple ear infections. Toss in a few eye infections. Lets not forget two, maybe three upper respiratory infections.

At this very moment she is recovering from a double ear infection, pneumonia and just for good measure a stomach virus that has had her wretching for the past day-and-a-half. She won't eat. She can't get comfortable therefore there is little sleeping for her. Of course she cries a lot...the poor baby is in pain. She also wants to be held 24/7...who wouldn't?!?! Her pneumonia seems to have gotten worse, not better in the past 24 hours. I am assuming that is because she didn't keep down any of her antibiotics yesterday.

I feel so sad for Princess. I just want her to be healthy. I want her to run and laugh and play like she does when she is healthy. I want her to be pain free.

(The rest of this blogpost is more for my own records of what transpired in the past week so I have it documented in case I need it.)
Last week Wednesday night I brought her to the medi-center (the 3rd time in 6 weeks) to learn that she had her 3rd ear infection in 6 weeks and an upper respiratory infection. On Thursday I called her regular doctor (whom we have always liked alot but recently I am wondering about him a bit) and requested that we be seen since she is sick again. He said, "Kids get sick. Some kids get sick more than others. I'm not concerned about the amount of times she has been sick. We don't need to draw blood because her illnesses are all normal childhood things. (I made the suggestion thinking that perhaps there was an underlying infection that was causing all of her illnesses.) If she were sick with a kidney infection or a skin infection then I would understand your desire to draw blood looking for something more." I have asked at least three or four times to be referred to an ENT to look at tubes and he has continuosly told me that wasn't necessary because her ears clear up completely between infections unlike some children who never really get better. My thought is, "does it matter if she completely heals between infections if she is getting another one less than two weeks later again anyways?"

Thursday night Princess was in severe pain. She would trash around, wouldn't let me hold her but cried when I put her down. She arched her back in pain. She cried loud and consistently. The next morning I decided to bypass her doctor and took her straight to the ER. At first they sort of talked it down as a cold but I insisted they do some tests because something was was definitely wrong. Finally, after some tests they were able to identify that she had pneumonia and that her coughing was causing her excessive pain.

Finally, thinking we finally had an answer, we left. Only, we weren't past the worst of it. Sunday morning she started vomiting and continued throughout the day and all of last night. On top of the pneumonia and ear infection she has a stomach virus. Seriuosly?!?!

I called her pediatrician to let them know that after our talk on Thursday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and now had a stomach virus and they just said to keep giving her the antibiotics and all will be well. Yesterday she didn't even get any antiobiotics because each time I gave it to her, she vomited immediately and emptied all of her stomach contents.

GRRRRR...there probably isn't much that can be done, but I am one extremely ticked off, tired, agitated mommy!

I've been praying over her and I know God loves her even more than I do. I wonder if the Devil is just messing with us to see if we will get mad at God? We won't. Yes, we are tired. Yes, we are mad. But not at God. Just at the fact that our precious little one is still sick. I just want her better.

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Deanna said...

Awww, this breaks my heart that little Princess has been so sick. Sending prayers that she begins to feel better SOON!!!!