Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Training

This post is not exactly for the 2 people that are still reading this blog but for my own documentation.

Miya is officially potty training. She started about a week ago. She is successful 99.9% of the time, but only if she is naked. Today we went to the store and picked out special underpants, but she refusees to wear them. She picked out Minnie Mouse underpants. She was excited in the store, but now that we are home, NOT. SO. MUCH.

I plan to extinguish the use of diapers from morning til night starting the beginning of next week. The only time she will have a diaper on is during the night. Is my plan too lofty? Time will tell!


Mommy said...

way to go Miya!!

LL said...

I'm still here! :)

Woo HOOO Miya! What a big girl!

Lisa said...

looks like you have 3 readers! go Miya!

Tanya said...

Make that 4 :)

Jean said...

That's what I did with my son, I told we were out of diapers (we were except overnight pull-ups) and he had to wear his big-boy undies all day. It took about 4 days of occassional accidents.