Thursday, May 24, 2007

Will your heart get big?

This morning Lil' bug and I were talking. She is infatuated with hearing stories about when she grew in my tummy. She asks about it almost on a daily basis. I love to tell her about when she would kick me, when she would get the hiccups and so much more.

So, this morning she says, "Mommy! I want to see the baby in your tummy."

I answer, "There is not a baby in my tummy."

Bug, "There isn't?"

Me, "Nope, the next baby that God brings into our family will grow in my heart, not my tummy."

Long pause...processing....

Bug, "Will your heart get big?"

Me, "Yes, but you won't be able to see it!"

Yes, I think that by the time we were done with that conversation, I had thoroughly confused my darling Lil' Bug!

Here is another funny story about Lil' Bug's fascination with babies...

Lil' Bug is addicted to "A Baby Story." Yes, I know...watching it is torture for me, but for some reason I do it anyway. Well, Lil' Bug loves it. Since she is only 2, I didn't really think anything bad could come from watching it.

One day, right after watching it, I brought Lil' Bug into her room to change her diaper. I laid her on her changing table and she instantly lifted her legs in the air and started grunting and groaning very loud. At first I didn't know what she was doing...I asked her. Her response, "I having a baby out my bellybutton!" Grin from ear-to-ear...I was in absolute hysterics! However, she is no longer allowed to watch "A Baby Story" because I am not interested in explaining anything like that to my 2 year old daughter!


I'm forgiven said...

I love "will your heart get big." So adorable! That was also my first thought when you said she loves Baby Story "what about the birth!" LOL

Stephanie said...

Uh oh, LiL Bug is already hooked on A baby story! She cracks me up with her funny comments.LOL I was a TLC addict for so long too. A Baby Story,A wedding Story, Marriage Proposal(or whatever that engagement show is called)and Trading Spaces. Yup I watched all of them. I thought it was interesting they aired the Baby Story first,next, The Wedding Story,Last, they showed the Marriage Proposal. It was a little out of order if you ask me. Now I don't get that channel and it's probably a good thing.