Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reflection of our weekend


What a busy weekend we had! It started out with a wedding on Friday night. The Designer's cousin got married. Sure did make us feel old. He was the Jr. Groom in our wedding and here he is the "real" groom nearly 11 years later. Time sure flies.

I wanted to include a cute movie of Lil' Bug doing the Funky Chicken dance, but I can't get it to upload....bummer!!!! However, here is a cute pic of her and I together on the dance floor.

The next morning we headed north to go camping at my uncle's property. It was mostly family, but a few friends were there as well. Lil' Bug was the only kid. She got a lot of attention! Which is exactly the way she likes it. It was her first time sleeping in the pop-up camper and she had a fantastic time!

That brown hairball in front of Lil' Bug is her "uncle" Norton, my parents dog (if you want to call it that!) Norton was our overnight guest as he slept at our feet. Lil' Bug found that very amusing.

Lil' Bug loves to go on the quad. We forgot her helmet, so she couldn't ride this time, but she got to sit on it. When she does "ride" it is literally down the driveway and back at about 3 mph. Here she is with her Grandpa.

Lil' Bug went fishing for the first time! She caught a fish. Well, sort of! She had a LOT of help from her daddy. Here is a cute little video of her catching her first fish. She isn't that amused by it all! Her daddy is an avid fly fisherman, hence the fishing "gear" he is sporting! :)


Sherri said...

I love these pictures! She is so cute! And now I have a better idea of what you and DH look like for when I come to visit :D

Stephanie said...

It seems like a wonderful and fun-filled weekend! Thanks for sharing the pics and video. I love the pic of the two of you,very cute.

I'm forgiven said...

Thanks for the pics! What a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lil bug and her first fish.. That was a sweet video..

offmymind said...

Cute pics!!!!