Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Mixed emotions today!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I did not vote for Obama. However, I know history is in the making right now and that is very cool. I am proud that our nation has overcome their racist divisions and voted in an African-American.

I have concerns about what our future as a nation holds, but for today, I set aside those fears and watch the inauguration with excitement and sense of pride.

Lil Bug recognizes Obama. She saw his picture on tv this morning and yelled out, "THAT'S OBAMBA!" Yes, erroneous spelling intentional there. She then said, "so, the pink guy is out and the brown guy is in now?"

LOL...such simple terms. I confirmed her assessment and then we had a discussion about differences in people. Some people have long hair, some short. Some people have brown eyes, others blue, or hazel, or gray. Some people are tall, others are short. Some people are thin, others are heavy. We talked about all the differences that people have and then we ended the discussion that God made every single one of them...and He loves them all the same. She understands! She is such an awesome kid.

Anywho, back to this history-making day...I will most likely watch the majority of the happenings on TV. I love living history!

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Mommy said...

Wow!! She is certainly amazing!! Wise beyond her years!

I agree I love watching history be made!