Monday, December 8, 2008

Art Fire

Back in the spring of this year I began selling my items on Although I have sell many, many more products off the site, I have had good luck with my Etsy shop.

Recently, however, I have been hearing about a new competing site called Art Fire. So I wandered on over there to check it out. I have to admit...I'm rather impressed so far. I like that with a flat monthly fee of only $7 they do not charge individual listing fees and you do not pay a fee based on the sale price either. That is about the price of one Etsy listing a day and NO other fees. I just signed up for an account and after I get home from work tonight or maybe tomorrow I will be listing my goods in there to start selling.

In order to get the site more recognition they are offering a promotion until 12/31/08. If you sign up for the $7/month account and get 10 others to sign up under you you will earn your account for FREE for LIFE. So, that is what I am working on right now...please, if you are interested in learning more about Art Fire or signing up for an account use my account (luckybugboutique) as the refering account or just link there from here and I will get the credit.

Hope to see you on Art Fire soon!!!

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