Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby talk

Lil Princess is finding her voice over the past couple of days. She says the normal "momma," "dadda," "done," etc. She signs milk, please, more and eat. But today she started to actually try to use real words.

We had just arrived home after dropping Bug off to school and as I was unbuckeling Princess from her seat I said, "Time to get baby out of the car." So, for the next couple of hours she wandered around the house saying, "baby...babeeee...baaaabeeee!." Then, the dog came into the room and she suddenly switched do saying, "dogeeeeeeee!" Which was quickly followed by some hugs and kisses for the pooch.

Just before bed I asked her if she wanted to call N. She said N's name, clear as day! It was so cute. So we called N and said goodnight. N sang her a song while she snuggled into my arms. So sweet!

Oh, and she started saying "NO!" today that word is going to get old real fast!!!


PeWee said...

Adorable, except for the "no" that gets old! She's growing so fast!

L L said...

So cute...she is really growing and changing. Kids seem to love the word "no". But I guess there are worse words out there, huh?

nush said...

Aww, your a great momma!!!